Pastor Kevin Robinson

Pastor Kevin arrived to Macon Road Baptist Church with 12 years of Pastoral Ministry. He and his beautiful wife Lauran met at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and have been married since 2007. Since that time the Lord has graciously blessed their family with five children: Elli, Emmie Elynne, Everlee, and Ezra (4 daughters & a son). Pastor Kevin’s heart is for the Church to know Jesus Christ according to His Word, and to grow in their love and faithfulness to Christ as the scriptures command. As an expositor of God’s Word, Pastor Kevin places a high priority on the Bible in both the preaching and practical sides of the Church. The scripture that best describes Pastor Kevin’s view in regard to his personal ministry at Macon Road Baptist Church comes from the Apostle Paul in which he states “ the grace of God I am what I am…(1 Cor 15:10). 

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