Chris McCloskey

Chris McCloskey, originally from Scotland, began working at Macon Road in 2004.  He believes being a Christian is all the work of God. As a young child he was brought up by a Catholic dad and a protestant mom.  He went to Catholic public school through 4th grade.   His parents separated when he was 8 and then went to a non-denominational public school.  He began to spend a lot of time with his grandparents who lived about an hour away from his home. They had recently begun attending a “new” church – a Baptist church planted by American missionaries – and took Chris and his siblings when they visited.
Because of  American missionaries to Scotland, at age 10,  he accepted Christ into his life, was later baptized  and blessed by another American missionary who sent him “mailbox club” lessons to help start his Christian growth. From the ages of 10-16 he attended Bible camp in the summers (again staffed by American missionaries).  When he was 17, he got the chance to be a counselor at the camp. At 19, he started spending his summers at a Christian camp in New Jersey. This summer work resulted in him moving to the USA on a religious visa and ultimately getting his green card to be a resident.
Chris has worked in children’s ministry at MRBC since 2004.  He worked for 12 summers ministering in NJ to underprivileged children and 4 years full-time in the NJ State HQ of  The Salvation Army as Youth Outreach Specialist & Assistant Camp Director.
Chris considers it a blessing minister to children and have the opportunity to reach the heart, soul, and mind of children.

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